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Mataven River

Mataven River

The Mataven river is a pretty famous river among Peacock bass fishermen. It’s a river that holds great stories of huge fish and all of us who have been fortunate to fish it’s waters in the recent years know they are absolutely true.

This river was closed to any fisherman for several years due to drug lords and guerrilla groups, but thats not an issue any more as Colombia is finally leaving all that behind.
Mataven river is an Orinoco tributtary, it is a river that holds two species of peacock bass. The Barred peacock bass with average sizes of 6 to 15 pounds with lots of fish in the 20 pound range and reports of 30 pounders and the biggest Butterfly peacock bass you’ll ever see ranging from 2 to 8 pounds with several fish in the 12 to 14 pound range.
Theres also Payara, Yamu and Sardinata in it’s waters as well as different species of catfish.
Fishing in this river is strictly camping and it is far away from the main town of Puerto Inirida.
A boat ride is a must to access the camping sites.
This river runs through Indian communities and permission from them is needed in order to fish it’s waters.
Fishing guides are all native local indians with incredible knowledge of the river.
Learn more or ask us for the pre trip info