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Orinoco Flies is your best option when it comes to jungle fishing accessories, activities and services.
Bogota, Colombia
Phone: +57(317)5598037
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I have to say.. your flies are the best there are! I am very impressed with the flies you design, and even more with how they produce.. you are obviously a gifted and passionate fly tier!

Mike Mercer

Armando is an experienced fisherman who has used his knowledge of jungle fishing when designing his flies. These flies work and catch a lot of fish, they are light weight, durable and just look great in the water. I would not try to fish the jungle without them.

Christopher P.

Armando is Colombian, bi-lingual, a strong fly fisher and fly tyer, with years of experience in working with guest services and high end clientele. Armando joined us for the final dinner at the hotel, interacting professionally with myself and the guests.

Eric Ersch

Armando is a terrific fly tyer, his billingual and an expert when it comes to finding and catching payaras as well as peacock bass in the Orinoco bassin. He is also an authority, by the way, on fly fishing for rainbow trout in lakes near Bogota.

Alex Zapata

We met Armando in Bogota for dinner and all agree he is the right man for the job.  I fished his excellent flies all week.  Hopefully, the detail we saw in the baskets will translate to tying Armandos flies and the tribe can have another source of income

Donovan Pieterse

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