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    orinoco / Hydra Popper Green

    Hydra Popper Green


    The NEW hydra tube popper tied on a 5/0 hook. A colorfull dress, so proper in jungle waters and salt!

    After a lot of thought, trials, not quite finding what I wanted I left the popper patterns to the side. I just wanted something special but more than special great!

    So after some time I decided to give it a try again, had something in mind and wanted to make sure it was a great design, versatile, easy to cast, durable and of course as fishy as it could be. The past popper was tied on a tube, still can be tied on it as a customized popper, but there was a lot of confusion with it. So I decided to tie exactly the same popper on a hook. Tie and cast!

    The POP! these poppers make is just great, plus you can slide it before a strong strip to pop it. Very versatile and as loud as you want.

    Peacocks, Sardinatas, Jacks, Tunas, Mahis are some of the species fooled by it.

    To see an effective way to rig tube poppers click here –How to rig the Hydra Tube Popper



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