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    orinoco / NEW!! PAYARA DRAGON CANDY FLY Fire Tiger



    The NEW Payara Dragon fly is another step into an even more castable fly, flashier with lots of movement and my own signature Dragon eyes to give them not only a bad ass look for bad ass fish, but more hydro dinamics to swim better in strong currents. Designed and tested by a fly fisherman with years and years of Payara pursuit, its not a secret this is my favourite fish in the jungle.

    The world wide popular Fire Tiger color had to dress a DRAGON Candy fly.

    It may be an attractor but it also may be a natural color, have you seen how peacocks look? Well payaras will have their way with a peacock if they can. A must on a jungle fly box.

    Why so big? Well, Payaras are pretty smart plus they hunt their prey in fast water and deep pools, they will save energy and this fly will make them forget such savings. New pattern is tied on tubes, you may think “but why?”, very simple, tube flies work amazingly well, hook rides further behind which improves hook ratio, won’t foul as much as tandems, looses weight, will last longer as it slides through the shock tippet when a fish is hooked and you may change hooks anytime. Plus! You may rig them any way you want them if that is the case.

    Each fly comes with tandem hooks. 5/0 hook on front and a 3/0 hook on the rear.

    10 to 12 rods are recomended for this fishing, 400 to 500 grain sink tips are a must, so you wont have any problem casting these flies or swinging them into the deeper currents.  9″ yummy long!

    Salt water species like them too!!


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